Speaking Presentations & Topics

NIHCL founder Dan Nielsen is an accomplished speaker and facilitator who uses his experiences and expertise to engage the audience and communicate relevant messages in a powerful and inspiring way.

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Dan describes a few of his top presentations below:

Presidential Leadership
Learning from United States Presidential Libraries & Museums

The United States Presidential Libraries & Museums offer a rare ‘backstage pass’ that takes visitors behind the scenes of the life and leadership of America’s former presidents. I am privileged to be one of very few people in the world who has personally visited, studied and extensively photographed each of these storehouses of American history. Through this experience, I have identified highly relevant and effective leadership strengths demonstrated by the U.S. presidents whose legacies are preserved by these fascinating institutions. In this presentation I share and illustrate these important leadership strengths along with exclusive photos I’ve taken at each library and museum. No matter political preference, participants will enjoy this unique and uplifting presentation while learning from the strengths of some of the world’s most prestigious and powerful leaders.
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Sharpen Your Focus
Achieving Clarity for More Effective Leadership

In this increasingly chaotic and demanding world, effective, focused leadership has never been more difficult or crucial. As a leader, you must continuously sharpen your focus in order to achieve greater clarity for precise and strategic leadership. In a refreshing break from the ordinary, I provide proven strategies for achieving and communicating greater clarity, illustrating each concept through powerful imagery that features my personal photography throughout America the beautiful.
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Strategies for Greater Success
Achieving Your Highest Priorities and Reaching Your Full Potential

As a fervent believer in life-long learning, I am always seeking the best wisdom and insights from world-class leaders and achievers. Through this process, I have identified key strategies that are essential for achieving greater success in life and business. In this presentation I share these proven, actionable strategies, explaining why they are essential and illustrating each with meaningful examples.
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"Dan is a forward thinking leader who is optimistic, collaborative and open to change. He is trusted and respected by colleagues. His speaking style is enthusiastic, confident and engaging. You know that a successful outcome will be delivered when Dan is leading the way."

Rick Provencher
Director Member Solutions

"Dan is a great communicator and inspirational speaker. His message is positive and always very motivating. I recommend Dan to help any organization optimize their employee’s potential."

John Penhollow
Director of Corporate Accounts
Medical Action Industries

"Dan is a great and inspiring speaker, who connects work with real life, and real life with work in interesting and thought-provoking ways. He understands the challenges that leaders face, and he offers listeners the opportunity to learn something new whenever he is in the room."

Lynn Gentry
Write Stuff Public Relations